Dee Williams, a single mother of three sons, simply desired extra income, at the time, to care for her family.  Working a part time job outside of her full time position was out of the question and she soon began brainstorming ideas of ways to make extra pay without compromising her time with her boys.  Trinkets began as a vision, a hope….and as Dee tells it…a prayer.      

“I’ve always wanted to ensure that my sons understood that hard work pays off in the long run.  Hard work isn’t fancy, it’s not glamorous and it’s often times thankless, but there’s beauty in its results.  Working full time and caring for three growing young men, was no easy task, as most moms will tell you.  I’d come home and all of the milk would be gone, I’d buy milk, then the next day, all of the cereal would be consumed.  I knew that in order to keep up with their appetites alone, mommy would have to figure out a way to bring home extra cash without having to miss a game, a recital or a school play.  So I prayed for guidance.”

It was in those prayers that Dee got the revelation to start an apparel boutique.  

“Who doesn’t love trendy and fashionable accessories?  Accessories are the color, the pizazz and the sparkle of your everyday woman’s attire.  Accessories can take a little black dress worn in the boardroom and turn it into a festive and fun-filled happy hour ensemble.  The beauty of accessories is that it doesn’t take a whole lot, to become a jazzy diva…simple ornaments and charms will often do the trick… and with that in mind….Trinkets Boutique was born.”

Trinkets Boutique started out as a jewelry & accessory boutique that allowed shoppers to select items for shipments all over the country.  After Trinkets customers began to show great interest in apparel, the line was expanded to include clothing, scarves, jackets and wraps.  Trinkets is in the process of expanding now to include shoes and in the future is hoping to have a store front soon.   

“It’s amazing what hard work gives.  Here I was, simply looking for a way to feed my three children, and Trinkets began to feed my soul.  There’s no greater feeling of doing something you love.  For every shipment filled, for every single customer, I’m grateful for being able to prove to my sons that the beauty in the results are worth all the hard work in the world.”